Where are we with sports today?

So many of us are fans of teams or players all across sports.  I am and I will happily admit it.  I love sports just as much as anyone.  I feel like it is the best reality TV can offer and shows like  The bachelor, American Idol, The Real Housewives of where ever, cannot hold a candle to sports and what they give to us.  The thrill of victory or the gut wrenching defeat of our favorite team or player stays with us mins and sometimes hours after the event.  As I look across the landscapes of sports I see there is a major shift happening like many others do.  Baseball is declining in popularity among the youth which could have major effects to the game down the line. College basketball regular season has basically become meaningless due to the lack of talent across the board and with the one and done rule not allowing us to see teams grow as one and become the great teams of the past.  Which means each year a new player will emerge, but only give us a glimpse of what he can do then heads off to the NBA.  March Madness still gives us the thrill and excitement, but I long for the days when being number 1 during the season meant something and allowed people to argue about who was number one and gloating to all their friends that their team was number one.  Football has become the power of all sports.  College football has become a giant among sports fans, even with a BCS system it has gained each year with more and more popularity and will I believe explode in 2014, if a playoff is established.  In pro sports nothing can compete with the NFL.  Fans can truly not get enough the numbers for the draft can rival and even beat some playoff events in other sports.  From the lock out to bounty gate the NFL continues to grow, but like with other sports how long will it last.

The reason I bring all this up is to see where sports are today.  If you look attendance numbers in most markets for MLB, NHL, and the NBA they are all down.  Some more than others, but overall most are being effected someway.  There are reasons that are given from the economy being the major one.  I am sure that’s a huge factor, but can it truly be the major reason attendance keeps decling.  I think not.  Over the next month I will give you a peek inside the things that effect why or why not people are going to games.  Some might be pretty predictable but others could be enlightening to you a fan of sports.  The four part series will look at Cost, Event Safety, New Technology and the Quality of Competition.

I hope you follow along with me as we research why fanatics like ourselves are no longer going to sporting events like we did not to long ago.


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